Paradigm Initiative Nigeria: Status of Internet Freedom in Africa

In May 2016, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN) released State of the Nation, a report on the status of Internet Freedom in Nigeria, which documented the threats to internet freedom and digital rights with a focus on legislative frameworks and policies in Nigeria — and incidents of these threats.


According to the report, internet access in Nigeria has grown exponentially, but the state of internet freedom doesn’t seem to be following the progression that internet access has been having. Laws have to be made to allow for the reality that comes with the growth of internet access, but the laws proposed by the National Assembly have been more about stifling freedom of expression than protecting National interests or security.

PIN will release the report on the Status of Internet Freedom in Africa at the 11th Internet Governance Forum, in Mexico, in December 2016, and they require input to their survey towards that task. The purpose of the survey is to get accurate information on the issues, challenges and incidents of Internet freedom in African countries, to be documented in PIN’s report on Digital Rights on the continent. To complete the survey copy/paste in your browser.