Data protection in Africa and the COVID-19 pandemic: Old problems, new challenges and multistakeholder solutions

Data protection in Africa can still be described to be in its nascent stage. Most African states do not have a data protection law. Countries on the continent are divided along the lines of countries with a data protection law, countries with fragmented frameworks, and countries without any semblance of a law. Out of the 55 states on the continent, only 28 countries have a data protection law, of which 15 have set up data protection authorities (DPAs) to enforce the law.

Data protection in the age of technology-based disease surveillance

Principle 8 of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms provides for the right to online privacy, including the protection of every person’s personal data. Such a right and such protection have become necessary because of the uses of personal data and data in general. It used to be that a person’s personal space was limited. However, emerging technologies have allowed for entities to make use of data and personal data in a manner that provides strategic advantages.