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Women face internet access challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda


This article analyses the challenge of internet access faced by women and other marginalised groups such as persons with disabilities in Uganda during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It discusses how limited or no access to the internet affects women’s digital human rights, as set out in the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms (African Declaration). The article deals with existing information...

Press Release of COVID-19 Opinion Letter

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Press release on the publication of the letter of opinion on "The  Necessity of Respect for Internet Rights and Freedoms during the Period of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo"  by Rudi International, June 2020.

This ...

State of the Internet in Zimbabwe keynote address

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Koliwe Majama gave the keynote address on the State of the Internet at the 2020 Hub Unconference, an annual new media and journalism conference hosted by the Magamba Network.


AfDec supports regional initiatives addressing impacts of COVID-19 measures on digital rights

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The Secretariat of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms (AfDec) Coalition has launched a Rapid Response Fund to assist members of the Coalition reviewing national-level emergency response initiatives and policies aimed at COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment, within the context of AfDec objectives and principles.

Governments across the continent have implemented different...

Privacy and the pandemic: An African response


COVID-19 has led to a surge of efforts by both state and private actors to manage the pandemic itself, and the consequences of it, with the aid of technology. Yet privacy has immediately been cast as a required trade-off in the efforts to combat the disease. Key examples of this are being seen in the introduction of contact tracing and related surveillance interventions, worldwide. These technologies are...

Data protection in Africa and the COVID-19 pandemic: Old problems, new challenges and multistakeholder solutions


Data protection in Africa can still be described to be in its nascent stage. Most African states do not have a data protection law. Countries on the continent are divided along the lines of countries with a data protection law, countries with fragmented frameworks, and countries without any semblance of a law. Out of the 55 states on the continent, only 28 countries have a data protection law, of which 15 have...