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African Internet Governance Forum

The African Internet Governance Forum aims to be a platform for an inclusive multilateral, multi-stakeholder and multilingual discussion on issues pertinent to the Internet in Africa in general and Internet Governance issues in particular. The 2016 African IGF will take place in South Africa, for more information click on here

Feminism online in West and Central Africa: Identities and digital colonisation

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In West and Central Africa, feminist organising has often been fractured at a regional level. This is due in part to the language barrier – which is a direct result of colonisation – between mainly French-, English- and Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as the numerous local languages that are present in the sub-region. Except for Nigeria and Senegal, which have more than 50% [1] of their populations...

Gbenga Sesan, from Paradigm Initiative Nigeria: "We need to take the African Declaration of Internet Rights to where the people are"

Opinions and commentary

As part of the work to promote visibility of African internet rights, this week we have interviewed renowned Nigerian internet rights defender ...

The perks of having internet access as a student

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Internet access and affordability is one of the principles of the Declaration (Principle 2). In this blog post, Yolanda Mlonzi, a South African International Relations and Media Studies student who works at the Association for Progressive Communications, provides a personal...

Making Internet rights visible at the African Commission on Human Rights

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When the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (ACHPR) was first established back in 1986, the Internet was still a little known project of academics and engineers. Just thirty years on, the changes it has brought have been felt across the world. Its implications for human rights are at the heart of the work that many...

Global Solidarity with African Internet Rights at the Internet Freedom Festival, Valencia

Event reports

Activists from around the world joined a session at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain, to discuss advocacy and global solidarity on internet rights in African countries. Two current initiatives were introduced to the participants: the African Declaration on Internet Rights and FAST Africa. Following these presentations, the participants shared examples of their own projects and advocacy work....